Northamptonshire couple halt updates from quarantined cruise ship

David Abel reveals moment Japanese doctors told him he and wife Sally DO have coronavirus

By Kevin Nicholls
Wednesday, 19th February 2020, 8:35 am
Updated Wednesday, 19th February 2020, 8:36 am
David and Sally Abel's golden wedding cruise turned into a nightmare
David and Sally Abel's golden wedding cruise turned into a nightmare

Northamptonshire couple David and Sally Abel have halted their social media posts from a quarantined cruise ship after confirming they DO have the coronavirus.

The couple, from Woodford Halse near Daventry, made global headlines by broadcasting daily video feeds during more than two weeks confined to their cabin on board the Diamond Princess.

But Mr Abel, 74, revealed in a final Facebook post and YouTube video early this morning (Wednesday February 19) that he and wife Sally will be keeping in touch with family only and they will not be returning to the UK on a flight organised by the Government later this week.

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He said: "It was very confusing yesterday when two doctors came to our door. Neither could speak a word of English. One pointed to our throat and said we would be going to a hostel for four or five days.

"We've since spoken to a doctor that speaks English and it has been confirmed we are both positive.

"We're going to a hostel because there isn't a hospital bed around and in four or five days we will be put into a hospital where we will receive treatment.

"I can't see any way we're going to be on that flight to the UK because we're going to be in hospital.

David's farewell Facebook message posted on Wednesday morning

"But the really brilliant thing is that all the publicity that led to that flight taking place .. I've done my job. That's what it was all about, helping the Brits that are out here.

"I will not be coming on live again. I was doing this for a purpose and that purpose has been served.

"I don't know when you'll hear from us again but I will be maintaining contact with my family."

The Abels, who are among 74 British nationals on board, left for a luxury cruise on January 20 to celebrate their golden wedding.

But their trip turned into a nightmare when an outbreak of the Covid-19 virus was discovered among the 3,700 passengers.

On Tuesday, Japanese officials said there were 88 new cases of infection on board, bringing the total to 542 confirmed cases.

Mr Abel added on Wednesday morning: "We should have been transported off the ship last night, we're still here. They're trying to find a facility to put us in.

"We were packed and waited for eight hours to be taken off last night and never heard anything. So at 10pm we went to bed."