New gym opens in Kettering

Victoria Heathcote, owner of Gymophobics Kettering
Victoria Heathcote, owner of Gymophobics Kettering

A new ladies-only gym has opened in Kettering town centre, offering 30-minute workouts.

Gymophobics is now open in the Horsemarket, with the aim of helping women to feel comfortable while they work out.

It is the 50th centre the company has opened as part of its national franchise.

Gymophobics combines a 30-minute circuit with a low-sugar diet to encourage weight loss.

Victoria Heathcote, owner of Gymophobics Kettering, said: “ We’ve had a wonderful time meeting the ladies in Kettering and look forward to meeting more of them in the coming months.

“We’re nothing like a conventional gym - you really do have to come in to get a sense of it."

Donna Hubbard, founder of Gymophobics, said: “Victoria and Jonathan Heathcote have worked tirelessly to get this centre up and running- and it looks fantastic!

“Our Resisted Tension programme is quite different from conventional workouts, and we’re passionate about encouraging our ladies to feel comfortable while they’re working out.

“There’s no clanking weights and heart-stopping treadmills. It’s about getting in shape in an environment that’s comfortable for all ladies."

Memberships include regular reviews and personalised programmes.