More Covid rule-breakers from Corby, Kettering and Wellingborough up before the courts

They were all sentenced for breaching strict regulations while Covid deaths were peaking in January

Tuesday, 27th July 2021, 5:09 am
The vast majority of people complied with the Coronavirus legislation. Image: Getty

People who refused to abide by Covid regulations during the second lockdown have appeared before the magistrates' court to be sentenced.

The seven from across North Northamptonshire are the latest in a string of defendants to appear before the courts after being caught violating strict rules invoked during the early part of this year after coronavirus rates spiraled out of control, killing thousands.

They were all sentenced by Northampton Magistrates earlier this month using the single justice procedure.

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- On January 10, Marcus Barnea of Dalkeith Road, Wellingborough was caught in an indoor car wash facility in Wellingborough without wearing a face covering. The 34-year-old was ordered to pay fines and costs of £530.

- Andre Charles, of Stirling Close, Corby, took place in a gathering of about 20 people in the Butland Road play area on the Oakley Vale estate on January 10. The 33-year-old was ordered to pay fines and costs of £530.

- Josh Gable, 22, of Shelley Road, Wellingborough, was ordered to pay fines and costs of £530 after being caught on new year's day at a gathering in Monarch Terrace, Northampton.

- Damian Laurentiu-Georgian, of James Watt Avenue, was caught after being away from his home address on January 15. The 22-year-old was told to pay fines and costs of £530.

- James Sumner, of Centre Parade, Kettering, was fined £530 for holding a gathering at his home address on March 16. The 43-year-old was ordered to pay fines and costs of £530.

- Lisa Ward, 41, of the caravan site in Gypsy Lane, Irchester, was fined £530 for refusing to wear a facemask in the Co-Op on February 2.

- Scott Young, 53, of Brayford Avenue, Corby, was fined £530 for being away from his home without good reason on January 10.