McDonald’s ‘considering’ Northants site close to junction one of A14

Work has not yet started on the site but developers hope it can begin this year

The site near junction one of the A14 was approved in October 2018. Photo: Google Maps.
The site near junction one of the A14 was approved in October 2018. Photo: Google Maps.

Planning permission was granted for a service station to be built on a plot of land at junction one of the A14 more than a year ago.

As yet, no work has begun on the site that is located close to Cold Ashby.

According to Euro Garages Ltd they are, however, still ‘committed to the site’.

Daventry District Council granted permission for the site, including a fast food drive-thru, on October 10, 2018, despite litter concerns from local residents and Cold Ashby Parish Council.

Since then McDonald’s has been linked to the site, but the chain is remaining tight lipped about whether they will be opening a branch just off the A14.

A spokeswoman for McDonald’s said: “Cold Ashby is one of a number of areas being considered as we look to develop new restaurants, and we look forward to exploring possible opportunities.”

As a condition to the planning permission, work was not allowed to start until the construction on the slip roads at junction one was complete and open to traffic.

Although the works are complete, Euro Garages Ltd says it is still negotiating the access point to the site.

A spokesman for the company said: “We are committed to the site and we’re hoping to start work on it this year.

“The difficulties we’re having is negotiating access into the site with the county council and Highways England.

“Subject to that being agreed, we will start work on the junction this year. We’re in the last stages of negotiating.

“It will be roadside services with a petrol station and there are international brands interested.”