Labour's candidate hoping to take Wellingborough MP Peter Bone's place in Parliament

Andrea Watt is a serving borough councillor.
Andrea Watt is a serving borough councillor.

The new Labour Parliamentary candidate for Wellingborough has been selected.

Borough councillor Andrea Watts will try to take the role currently held by Conservative Peter Bone at the next general election.

A statement from the Labour party said: “A Wellingborough councillor for Queensway ward and dedicated Trade Unionist, Andrea is a shop steward, branch chair and sits on the National Executive council for USDAW.

“She is a fearless campaigner for equal rights having run many campaigns supporting parents and carers, anti-racism, and LGBT. She is a carer for her disabled brother, and is committed to fighting for disabled people’s rights and supporting disabled workers.”

On her selection, Andrea Watts said: “I am absolutely delighted to have been selected as the Parliamentary candidate, it is a privilege and an honour to represent Wellingborough.

“We have some major problems with homelessness, child poverty and reduced NHS services in Wellingborough and I look forward to speaking to residents here about these issues and what they want to see change.”