Kettering Slimming World donate 26 fans and toiletries to KGH’s children’s ward

Kettering Slimming World raised money to buy 26 fans and a range of toiletries for KGH’s children’s ward by each walking 100 miles in September.

Sunday, 13th October 2019, 2:51 pm
Updated Sunday, 13th October 2019, 3:51 pm
Cristinas Slimming World group raised the money for the fans and toiletries by each walking 100 miles in September

They set about fundraising for the Skylark ward after the group’s leader, Cristina Willis, spent three nights on the ward with her 14-month-old daughter Emilia.

Cristina visited the ward yesterday (Saturday, October 12) to donate the fans and toilteries.

Cristina, 33, said: “Emilia had an infection which looked like loads of cold sores around the mouth but it was an infection in her mouth and it went into her throat and into her stomach and she had to be fed on a tube.

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Cristina (left), with Louise, a play specialist on Skylark Ward, who accepted Cristinas donation of 26 fans and toiletries

“She got blue lighted in with suspected sepsis.

“When you rush in like that, you haven’t got time to think of yourself, you leave with nothing.”

Cristina was given a toothbrush by the ward and said this was one reason why she decided to start fundraising with the slimming world group she runs.

“The ward do really well but we have got to remember that it’s all donated,” she said.

Cristina also decided to raise money for fans because she struggled with the heat on the ward.

She said: “It made me sick, I threw up because it’s so hot and when you have a sick child, they cling to you and they’re also hot.”

Cristina hopes the fans will help other parents and added: “You need your energy when you are caring for a sick child, even in hospital because they’re still quite demanding.”

Louise Mckellern, a play specialist on Skylark ward, met Cristina to receive the donations yesterday and said: “I’ve got to say a massive thank you to everybody who helped, it’s really touching that the public do things like that for us.”

Louise said the little touches of being able to offer parents personal items like toiletries can make a big difference in tough times when parents are not thinking about themselves.

She said the 26 fans would be shared around the children’s services in the hospital to provide comfort to those in the hospital.

Cristina said: “Louise picked these because they can be table top or mounted.”

Slimming World were aiming to provide 30 fans but managed to buy 26 at around £16 per fan. Cristina said she was disappointed not to have managed 30 for the 32 bed ward but Louise said: “I am not disappointed!

”It’s an amazing achievement, it really is. It’s very touching.”

Little Emilia is now fine and Cristina, who has used the ward previously with her other children Mia, 12, and Charlie, 9, said: “[The ward] was amazing, the care was fantastic. The doctors work around the clock. The play team was amazing, when [Emilia] had her cannula in they played with her to distract her to put it in.”

Louise, who has worked on Skylark for 16 years, said the play team specialise in making children less anxious about treatments and making their time in hospital a bit easier for them.

Cristina said: “It’s an amazing team, we are so lucky to have an amazing team at KGH. Everyone slates the NHS so much, but the NHS should be praised.”

If you are interested in donating items to Skylark, Louise said the ward put together a Christmas wish list every year and well-wishers can contact the ward to find out what is most needed.

Cristina’s Slimming World group meet in the Midland Band Club, Hallwood Road, Kettering at 9.30am and 11.30am on Mondays and in Finedon Community Centre, Wellingborough Road, on Tuesdays at 7.30pm.