Kettering school told it must improve

A Kettering primary school has been told it requires improvements by the education watchdog.

Compass Primary Academy in Windmill Avenue was given the grade by Ofsted after its first inspection since changing its name in 2016.
Inspectors said the quality of teaching and outcomes for pupils were inconsistent and that leaders' plans for improvement were not "sharply focused".

Compass Primary Academy has been given a grade of requires improvement.

Compass Primary Academy has been given a grade of requires improvement.

But they did find that the school was making some improvements and praised the "unwavering" staff commitment to pupils' wellbeing.

Principal Jo Fallowell said: ‘This report shows that Compass offers a happy, nurturing environment.

"Children are proud of the school, feel safe and have good relationships with staff and each other.

"Our early years provision is good, as is our focus on pupils’ personal development, behaviour and welfare. I am confident that the school will make rapid progress in other key areas."

The school, part of the Brooke Weston Trust, was graded as 'requires improvement' for effectiveness of leadership, quality of teaching and pupil outcomes.

Grades of 'good' for early years provision and development, behaviour and welfare were not enough to give them an overall grade of higher than 'requires improvement'.

Primary executive principal Leyton Smith said: "I’d like to thank Jo, the staff and governing body for their work so far and their determination to improve further. I look forward to working closely with them to achieve this."

In his report lead inspector John Lawson said the school, which has more than 400 pupils on its roll, had seen overall standards improve since 2018. But, he said, too few pupils had attained high standards because the teaching does not offer sufficient challenges for some.

He praised teacher for their high expectations of what children can achieve in the early years.

Trust chief executive officer Dr Andrew Campbell, said: "Compass Primary is an evolving school clearly focused on its students and their welfare.

"Teachers are enthusiastic and leaders are clear on what the next steps are.

"Jo is a competent principal with a dedicated team behind her. Their care and commitment to their children shines through in this report."

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