Kettering General Hospital medics honoured at professional excellence awards

It’s the seventh such awards

Kettering General Hospital - some of the winning students, junior and senior doctors, supervisors, tutors and teams celebrate their awards.
Kettering General Hospital - some of the winning students, junior and senior doctors, supervisors, tutors and teams celebrate their awards.

The professional excellence of medical students, junior doctors and consultants at Kettering General Hospital (KGH) has been celebrated with an annual award.

On June 24, 2022, Kettering General Hospital held its annual Trainee and Trainer Professional Excellence Awards at a combined a virtual presentation and face-to-face awards ceremony.

The awards are a way for the hospital to say a ‘big thank you’ for the contributions made by medical staff towards patient care, education and training.

KGH’s Director of Medical Education, Dr Robert Preston, said: “The KGH Trainees and Trainers Professional Excellence Awards ceremony has become an annual event that recognises the exceptional performance of medical students, trainees and senior medical staff in the provision of high-quality education and training.

“The awards celebrate success in promoting a positive culture of team work, supporting each other and ensuring best utilisation of available resources.

“The nominations demonstrate the appreciation of staff towards their colleagues who have exceeded expectations in their roles and of the positive steps they have taken in delivering exemplary patient care through education and training.“

Senior executives from Kettering General Hospital and Leicester Medical School congratulated the winners and awarded the certificates.

Kettering General Hospital’s Medical Director, Dr Rabia Imtiaz, added: “The awards are an opportunity for us to show our commitment to high quality medical education and training, celebrate the achievements of our medical students and junior doctors, and recognise the tremendous support our consultants give to our trainees.”

The list of 2022 award winners were:

Best Year 3 Medical Student - Haneefah Amole

Best Year 4 Medical Student - Elena Ferguson and Rajat Roy

Best Year 5 Medical Student - Tsz Ki Ko, Andrew Sharp, Hafsa Yousaf

Best Undergraduate Clinical Team - Foundation

Best Undergraduate Consultant Supervisor – Syed Jafri

Best Foundation Year 1 Trainee – Frankie Fan

Best Foundation Year 2 Trainee – Sheraz Aszhar

Best IMT/CST– Khaled Yaghmour

Best Speciality Trainee - Joseph Abuazza

Best LED: Specialty Trainee 1-2 – Ahmed Arnob

Best Specialty Trainee 1-2 – Joseph Abuazza

Best LED: Specialty Trainee 3-7 – Mustafa Mustafa

Best Specialty Trainee 3-7 - Solange Serna

Best Specialty Associate Specialist/ Specialty Associate – Asma Abdul Hameed

Best Educational Supervisor - Syed Jafri

Best Clinical Supervisor - Sayyied Kirmani

Best Medical Education team member - Shelley Gardiner