How you can support grassroots anti-discrimination campaigners in Northamptonshire

Chair of Northants REC urges people to sign up and give support

By Reporter
Saturday, 6th June 2020, 10:02 am
Updated Saturday, 6th June 2020, 10:04 am
People at last week's Black Lives Matter match in Northampton
People at last week's Black Lives Matter match in Northampton

The chair of Northamptonshire Rights and Equality Council has urged people to sign up and support grassroots anti-racism campaigners.

Dr Melanie Crofts's appeal comes after thousands of people have been involved in Black Lives Matter protest marches across the country, including Northampton.

Northamptonshire REC gives support for those affected by all forms of discrimination.

Dr Crofts said: "If you are looking two support grassroots organisations campaigning on an anti-racist, anti-discrimination, pro-human rights and social justice platform who also do free casework support for victims of discrimination, consider donating to Northants REC.

"You can also become a member for a small membership fee and if you are interested in joining our board of directors, we're accepting co-options. Please get in touch if you're able to commit your time and be active in supporting the work we do. Thank you!"

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