Footage circulates of 'another near miss' outside RAF Croughton where Harry Dunn was fatally injured

The RAF base has put up warning signs outside their gates warning dignitaries what side of the road they need to drive on

By Alastair Ulke
Friday, 14th February 2020, 4:57 pm
Updated Friday, 14th February 2020, 5:03 pm
A dashcam video shows the moment an oncoming car outside RAF Croughton veers back into the correct lane.
A dashcam video shows the moment an oncoming car outside RAF Croughton veers back into the correct lane.

A dashcam video has been shared online of a "near miss" driving incident filmed outside the RAF Croughton base in Northamptonshire where Harry Dunn was fatally inured.

The B4031 outside the RAF base has been at the centre of controversy since the 19-year-old was allegedly killed in a crash with an American diplomat who was reportedly driving on the wrong side of the road in August 2019, who soon after left the UK and hasn't returned.

Now, another video taken on February 13 has surfaced showing an oncoming driver veering into the correct lane outside the base.

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The video has since been shared online and circulated by the Dunn family's spokesman, Radd Sieger.

The video shows an oncoming car approaching the camera on the wrong side of the road before veering into its left-hand lane seconds before it would have collided.

RAF Croughton reportedly enforces "UK driving standards" on site.

The Dunn family have reported they know of 15 examples of car crashes involving American service personnel because of driving on the wrong side of the road. Meanwhile, a similar near-miss was reported in mid-JanuaryA statement by Northamptonshire Police issued on February 14 reads: "Northamptonshire Police is aware of footage shared on social media today relating to a near-miss close to RAF Croughton. A full investigation is being carried out and witnesses are sought."

Harry Dunn was killed outside RAF Croughton in a collision in August 2019. His death has since been the centre of a "diplomatic crisis."

It comes as chief constable Nick Adderley met with U.S. Air Force Colonel Bridget McNamara of RAF Croughton on Thursday to discuss driving standards of staff leaving the base.

In a joint statement, the two forces said: "The purpose of this meeting was to discuss how the base and the Force can work even more closely together to not only ensure and improve driver safety in and around Croughton, but to build and affirm a positive working relationship between both parties.

"Chief Constable Adderley [was provided] a detailed brief of all the proactive measures that the base continues to do to help those living on the base adjust to UK driving standards.”

Following the meeting the Chief Constable said: "It was clear from the meeting that the base already had a significant number of measures in place in ensuring driver safety.

"The additional provisions that will be introduced will form part of the wider strategic roads policing agenda for the county and will ensure that both parties are doing all that they can to prevent any future harm on the roads in and around the site."