Final permission given for removal of Rockingham Speedway stands

The open air stands at Rockingham Speedway
The open air stands at Rockingham Speedway

Rockingham Speedway’s landmark open-air stands will be demolished after the final tick in the box was given by Corby Council.

The planning authority has given the owners, Jersey-based Rockingham Automotive, the green light to pull down the iconic stands at the former speedway in Mitchell Road which hosted its last race in 2018 after the owners said they could no longer run it as a motorsport venue.

A 10km fun run heads past one of the condemned stands at Rockingham Motor Speedway in 2018

A 10km fun run heads past one of the condemned stands at Rockingham Motor Speedway in 2018

East Northants Council gave its own permission back in January. The site is split over both council areas.

Now the stands, which have been unusable for years as they are structurally unsound, will go to make way for a fleet vehicle facility where former lease cars would be refurbished and prepared for resale.

The main stand which houses multiple office buildings will be retained.

The new facility is expected to create around 250 jobs. Groupe CAT, which will run the business, is already operating from the front part of the 60-hectare site but now it says it intends to use the former racing area and the footprint of the stands to expand its operations.

A design and access statement submitted to planners says: “The proposal to remove the existing stands, would represent a significant visual improvement for the site and the surrounding area, due to the prominent nature of the stands and their visibility from numerous viewpoints.”

There was only one objection to the demolition - from Northamptonshire Highways authority which said that the company had not provided enough information about vehicle movements to and from the site or details about the nature of the demolition work.

It is not yet known when the demolition will take place although the Northants Telegraph has asked the landowner for comment.

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