Desborough cat Angus kicked so hard his penis tore apart

His distraught owner has appealed for help with the vet bill

By Alison Bagley
Thursday, 27th January 2022, 6:30 am

A beloved family pet was kicked so hard that it was left close to death and with a destroyed penis - with a boot mark on its body proof of the human-inflicted injury.

Angus, a ginger tom described as his owner's 'furry bestie', had gone missing from his Desborough home in Copelands Road for 36 hours when he was found slumped near his cat flap.

At first the Castledine family assumed that the six-year-old pet had been hit by a car but, after his fur was shaved for a veterinary examination, a boot mark could clearly be seen.

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Angus with Sophie

Vets discovered Angus had been kicked so hard between his back legs that his urethra was ruptured and his penis was totally destroyed, leaving the family with a £10,000 vet's bill.

Owner Sophie Castledine said: "I cried for a week and now I'm furious. He's never hurt a person in his life. He's a very gentle cat - he'll lay like a baby in your arms.

"I can't understand what has gone through the mind of the person who did this. The sad thing is it must be someone who lives close to us. He can't have gone anywhere else.

"He's such a friendly cat that he probably rubbed around someone's legs and laid down on the floor for a belly rub. He had boot-shaped bruise on his belly - they either kicked him or stood on his belly.


"Our other car Pepper was shot with an airgun a few years ago - both cats have had human-inflicted injuries."

Angus hadn't been seen for 36 hours went he discovered on the kitchen floor of the Castledine family's home. Rushed to Northlands Veterinary Hospital in Kettering, he was very distressed and foaming at the mouth. He was sedated straight away.

After two days he had to be transferred to a specialist veterinary centre for surgery to save his life.

Sophie said: "He was 24 hours from dying. His body was giving up, there were so many toxins in his body. He had no means of emptying his bladder, he was unable to walk, he was black and blue and he was in agony. His urine was trapped, they tried to catheterise him but his urethra had completely come away.

Angus and Sophie - she calls him her 'furry bestie'

"He’s had to have his penis removed, his urethra repaired and a means to wee has had to be created. Then all the other muscular damage had to be repaired."

Although Angus is insured, the policy only covers the first £6,000 of his care leaving the family with a shortfall of £4,000 to make up.

The family have now set up a Go Fund Me page to foot the remainder of the bill. Any excess raised will be donated to Wood Green Animal Shelter from where Angus rehomed.

Angus is now recovering at home.

Angus when he was a kitten, a gift to Sophie for passing all her GSCEs

Sophie, 22, said: "I call him my furry bestie. I've known him since he was four-weeks-old. He was given to me as a present after I passed all my GCSEs.

"I'm so sad and upset that someone did this, but the generosity that people have shown by donating is amazing. The number of good people definitely outweighs the one evil a*******.

"I can't put into words how grateful I am to all the people who have donated to help Angus from across the country.

"He's now recovering but he's exhausted."

Animal lover Sophie, who works as receptionist at Town & Country Veterinary Centre in Market Harborough, added: "I'd like to thank my work. They have been incredible letting me take time from work - they have been phenomenal."

To donate to Angus' treatment click here.

Angus, post surgery
Angus like to sleep like a baby