Corby's first porridge-eating champion for fifty years romps home at Hungry Hossee

The town's newest porridge eating champion has been crowned!

Hosted by BBC Radio Northampton's Tom Percival, the infamous Hungry Hossee cafe in Dale Street was the venue for this morning's hotly-contested championship.

Corby Porridge-eating champion 2019 Jason Jacob

Corby Porridge-eating champion 2019 Jason Jacob

The idea was sparked by the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission - which saw the results of the Corby's World Porridge Eating Championship winner relayed to astronauts flying to the moon
Bagpiper Robert Muir played as the four contestants took their places at the table at 8.15am. The event was judged by Kettering's longest-serving landlord and lady Garth and Sue Coward who have run The Piper for 29 years.

Former Corby Highland Gathering Chieftain Stevie Noble, Corby Core director Joe Flavin and Aldi worker Jason Jacob joined Tom Percival at the table. Each bowl, topped-up by Hungry Hossee owner Shelaine Crabtree, held 3/4 of a pint of porridge and contestants had ten minutes to eat as much as they could.

Stevie hoovered-up five bowls, Tom ate an average three and Joe managed a poor two-and-a-half, while victor Jason ate a gut-busting nine bowls.

Jason took a relaxed attitude to the competition, relying on natural talent to take home the spoils. He had done no training, had started work at 5am this morning, only breaking for an hour for the contest, before going back to work to continue his day's work as a manager at Corby Aldi in Rockingham Road.

Jason, 41, who was watched by his proud wife June and son Jayden, said: "I stirred each bowl as it came so that it was quite cool. I also alternated sugar and salt so that it wasn't too sweet for me.

"I've done the Hungry Hossee Big One a while ago but didn't quite manage to finish it - there were a couple of bits of toast left. But apart from that I've not done any competitive eating.

"I only found out I was doing this at the last minute so there wasn't really much time to prepare.

"I am feeling a bit bloated now though."

Third-placed Tom, who is known for his madcap antics on the BBC Northampton Breakfast show, joked: "I'm a little bit ashamed of myself.

"I've let my family down and I've let the BBC Northampton team down.

"But I'm hoping this will now become an annual event and that I can do better next year."