Corby ‘holiday hunger’ volunteers extend service throughout August

Corby's lunchbusters are volunteering to tackle holiday hunger NNL-190815-153231005
Corby's lunchbusters are volunteering to tackle holiday hunger NNL-190815-153231005

Corby’s Lunchbusters club has been such a success that it will now be extended to the end of the school holidays.

The group has been operating out of Stephenson Way Community Centre for the past two weeks to help combat the issue of people who are struggling to afford to feed their youngsters during the summer holidays.

Now the group plans to move to a new venue in another part of the town so others can be helped during the next two weeks.

Organiser Maria Bryan said: “We did 120 lunches in our first three days.

“We’ve also been out delivering lunches to people who can’t get up to Stephenson Way.

“The contributions from local people have been overwhelming.”

The group was set up to help people whose children are on free school meals who are finding it tough to make ends meet during the summer.

Maria said that the people she has spoken to just don’t have enough money to go around.

She said: “It’s a mix of people on universal credit who have been left short and people who’ve been sanctioned for missing appointments so have no money coming in.

“The original plan was to do two weeks but we’re going to carry on because we know there’s a real need.

“We’re looking for a new premises somewhere else in Corby so others who don’t have transport can benefit.

“We’ll make an announcement as soon as we have dates and a venue.”

- People struggling in Kettering are invited to their own lunch club at All Saints Church in William Street, near to Rockingham Road Pleasure Park. The Frances Lunch Club takes place on Tuesday, August 20, and Thursday, August 22, then again on the same days the following week. Hot meals are prepared fresh each day and anyone between the ages of five and 11 is welcome. There are also a range of activities to suit all ages.