Brexit Party unveils Corby general election candidate

Matt Belsom is standing for the Brexit Party in Corby
Matt Belsom is standing for the Brexit Party in Corby

A former police officer has been announced as the Brexit Party's candidate to be Corby's next MP.

Matt Belsom will contest the next general election, widely expected to be in the coming months, for the Eurosceptic party formed earlier this year.

In the 2016 EU referendum 60.1 per cent of voters in Corby and East Northamptonshire voted leave and Mr Belsom said democracy had been 'betrayed' and is 'under threat'.

The 41-year-old, who lives in Raunds, said: "The betrayal of Brexit by the Westminster establishment not only reveals that British politics is broken but also that the two-party system is outdated with the politics of left and right only serving itself.

"We should be a nation of free and equal citizens, enjoying all the historic liberties we all hold so close, like freedom of speech and looking after those in need.

"The values of tolerance, fairness, integrity and honesty have been lost by the current political establishment and I want to bring these values back into our politics."

He added: "Overwhelmingly Corby and East Northamptonshire has consistently voted to leave the European Union and I want to ensure that their voices are heard."

Corby has toed-and-froed over the years between the Conservatives and Labour and the swing seat is currently held by Tory Tom Pursglove, who beat Labour's Beth Miller by 2,500 votes in June 2017.

Mr Belsom, who is originally from Essex and was formerly a police authorised firearms officer, said he wants to serve his community again.

He said:"Since leaving university I’ve worked in many fields including recruitment, advertising, manufacturing and sales.

"However the highlight of my working life to date was being fortunate enough to serve as a police officer, something I wanted to do since I was a child. It’s cliché but I wanted to give something back and serve my community and I loved every minute of it.

"This is something I want to do again for you, the constituents of Corby and East Northamptonshire.

"I want to serve you and be your voice in parliament. I’m passionate about many things, restoring our democracy and delivering the result of the referendum but also about our public services as I know, having worked for them, how vitally important they are to each and every one of you."

Mr Belsom added that having a 'clean break' from the EU, cancelling HS2 and reducing the foreign aid budget would provide funds to re-invest into the community.

In a joint statement Annunziata Rees-Mogg, Jonathan Bullock and Matthew Patten, the East Midlands' three Brexit Party MEPs, said: "We would like to wish Matt all the best. The traditional parties are in complete disarray, while we stand for a clean-break Brexit, by the new deadline of October 31, to enable us to take control of our laws, borders and money.

"Along with our prospective candidates up and down the country, Matt will fight for Brexit and fight to restore trust in our democracy, which has been betrayed by the Government and the political classes.”