Boxing Day Squirt returns to Geddington with a splash and a difference

The traditional soaking returns to the ford

By Alison Bagley
Wednesday, 22nd December 2021, 11:09 am

Geddington's traditional Boxing Day 'squirt' is set to return to the ford that will see two teams of firefighters battle for supremacy with hoses next to the ancient village bridge.

The annual squirt between two teams of firefighters takes place every December 26 with opposing sides - one professional and one of members of the Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade (GVFB) - attempting to squirt a barrel slung on a cable over the brook using the force of their hoses.

Due to Covid restrictions the squirt organised by the GVFB was cancelled in 2020, and this year's event looked in peril when the Northamptonshire Fire Service cancelled their participation.

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Geddington Squirt library photo from 2019

But now members of the GVFB have rallied more volunteers and the squirt has been planned between villagers.

Simon Clubb, captain of drill for Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade, said: "After last year’s hiatus, it will be a great pleasure to do battle over Geddington Ford once again.

"It’s a fantastic Boxing Day tradition and it’ll be great to see large crowds again in the centre of Geddington."

A spokesman for the GVFB said: "We have been hard at work in the background to see what we can do without the usual opposition - and their technical support.

Preparing for the fight in 2018

"Having tried a few things over the last few weekends, we are now confident we can put on a squirt, albeit with a difference this year. As a break from the tradition of putting the village brigade against the professionals it would be an intra GVFB competition.

"Obviously the continuing changing landscape of restrictions and regulations may ultimately make it impossible for us to proceed, but the current expectations are that the show will go on.

"We are expecting to start at noon on Boxing Day. We would normally be serving food alongside the entertainment but won’t be this year."

The traditional sing-a-long on the Eleanor Cross in Geddington