Beauty salon to start make-up classes for cancer patients in Kettering

Jade (right) in her salon Bellissmo Beauty and Training Academy, with Chelsie, who specialises in lashes
Jade (right) in her salon Bellissmo Beauty and Training Academy, with Chelsie, who specialises in lashes

Bellissimo Beauty and Training Academy is planning to start brow classes for chemotheraphy patients who have lost their hair but cannot get semi-permanent make-up.

Owner of The Yards-based salon, Jade, is planning to offer the classes to people undergoing chemotherapy after her friend and her aunt lost their hair during cancer treatment.

"One thing that I have noticed is that brows are a huge face changer. Brows completely change the way people look and they can be the difference between knowing someone is ill or not.

"When you have cancer you cannot have any type of micro-blading when you're undergoing chemotherapy because your immune system is weak and you can't heal.

"The only other option is to draw them on but it can be really difficult if you're used to having your brows maintained by someone else."

This has inspired Jade to start classes to show women how to do their own brows.

"I think it would be something where we'd do a little brow kit for them to take how and we'd show them different shapes and map the brows on so then they can go away and practice."

Jade said she plans to make it a four-week class with a session once a week to give women confidence in doing their own brows.

"Losing your hair, brows and lashes destroys confidence.

"For people who usually do something permanent, it's such a big thing to them when they don't have that option anymore," said Jade.

Jade said her friend who was diagnosed is a hairdresser and had beautiful long hair. Losing it had been hard for her but once she'd been made up with a wig, false lashes and brows, she felt really confident.

Jade thinks brows are the hardest part for women to get right and this is why she is putting together a kit to use with clients at her sessions.

"We want to start the sessions as soon as possible, we are just in the process of putting the brow kits together and then getting some dates in the diary.

"We will charge for the kits and we will either do it so they pay for the kit and we'll do a donation pot so we give it back to charity or if anyone wants to donate then the money will go to cancer charities."

She thinks the sessions could start in October.

"We are thinking about doing a Macmillan coffee morning, maybe on Sunday, September 29. We're thinking about doing coffee and cakes and people can come along and get information about the classes."

Bellissimo Beauty and Training Academy is currently having a website built for the business but can be found on Facebook and Instagram.