All the spills and thrills from Earls Barton Soapbox Derby 2018 ahead of this weekend's race

The Earls Barton Soapbox Derby rides again in Northamptonshire this Sunday - here's a wrap up of all the excitement from last year's event.


This round-up of carts, crashes and high-fliers from Earls Barton Soapbox Derby 2018 is here to help get spectators in the mood for the races this weekend,

A total of 29 carts are ready for take-off at this Sunday's derby. Who will take home the trophy?

The Earls Barton Soapbox Derby is back this year for another weekend of thrills...
Jack Henson in The Phantom Menace.
Of course, it isn't a soapbox derby without a few spills and accidents...
The first annual derby brought hundreds of spectators out last year to see the handmade carts hurtle through Earls Barton.
Jack Barker gets a push start in the Hot Rod.
The Duff Mobile, ridden by Bob Duff.
George Turvey catches some air in Bathy McBathface.
Aiden Stone and the Green Bob Box zips past a cheering crowd.
"Mother Rucker " suffered the worst topple in 2018, but driver David O'Leary walked away in good shape.
Dying To Win, driven by Edward Bennett.
No 12, Cool Runnings, driven by Gareth Moore.
The Winners' Podium. Who will take the medals home with them this year?