£900k five year plan to spruce up Corby's woods and parks

Almost one million pounds of development monies given to Corby Council will be spent on the town’s woods and parks as part of a new five-year scheme.

A parks and woodland ranger will be taken on, new operational plans will be drawn up for four of the town’s prominent park spaces and new projects to ensure the sustainability of the vast swathes of green space in the town will be implemented.

Thoroughsale Wood has been revamped over the past decade.

Thoroughsale Wood has been revamped over the past decade.

The plan was approved earlier this month by the One Corby Committee and comes ahead of the council being abolished and the area being locally governed by a new north Northants unitary authority.

The money is coming from £923,000 of 106 monies given to the council by Pro Logis as part of planning conditions for the former Stanion plantation off Geddington Road.

At the meeting the council’s lead member for environment Cllr Peter McEwan, praised the work that has been going on in the town centre woodland of Hazelwood and Thoroughsale, which has been backed by funding from the Homes and Communities Agency and has won a green flag for the past five years.

£400,000 of the total spend will go on woodland and green space projects, £100,000 will be spent on drawing up operational plans for East Carlton Park, Kingswood Local Nature Reserve, Weldon Country Park and West Glebe Park and £110,000 will cover the park ranger cost for five years.

£40,000 has been earmarked for conservation work at Great Oakley Meadow and the Kingswood Nature reserve and £70,000 will be spent on new walking and cycle trails and signage.

At the meeting councillors questioned whether the money could be ring fenced when the unitary is established to make sure it is spent on Corby woodland as intended.

The council’s chief executive Norman Stronach said that unitary was not bet inevitable ‘although he would not bet against it’ and that where the money was spent would ultimately be down to the new authority to decide.