People turn out for free skin cancer checks

KGH : Kettering; KGH; 'Wednesday 27th June 2012
KGH : Kettering; KGH; 'Wednesday 27th June 2012

People turned out for a hospital’s annual skin cancer check session earlier today.

Kettering General Hospital’s yearly skin cancer surveillance day took place this morning (Sat, Oct 6) from 10am to midday.

The free event enables anyone who has a concern about a mole or skin lesion to see specialist doctors and nurses without an appointment.

The event is organised by one of KGH’s consultant dermatologists, Dr Olivia Stevenson, who is also the Trust’s skin cancer lead.

Dr Stevenson said: “There are several forms of skin cancer of which mole cancer (melanoma) is the most publicised and dangerous.

“However any mole or lesion which is changing rapidly on the skin or behaving differently from other moles, for example changing colour, weeping, bleeding or growing faster, may be a cause for concern.

“Sometimes people, particularly men, can ignore these sorts of changes when they really should have them checked out by their GP straight away as if caught early many skin cancers can be completely cured.”

Dr Stevenson said she personally sees some 20-30 new skin cancers each month at the hospital. At last year’s awareness event about a dozen cases were detected.

The hospital is also appealing for people from all walks of life – and of all ages over 16 – to consider standing for election as a hospital Governor.

The hospital currently has four vacancies on its 40-strong Council of Governors.

It has vacant Public Governor seats for Kettering, Wellingborough, Daventry and Northampton, and a Staff Governor vacancy.

KGH Chairman of Governors, Steve Hone, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for people who are interested in serving their local community by taking up a responsible role within it – particularly at this time when health services are undergoing such a radical transformation.

“Kettering General Hospital deals with more than 300,000 patient cases each year and therefore we touch the lives of almost everyone in the local area.

If you are interested in standing for election as Governor applications must be submitted to the independent electoral company AEA by 5pm on Thursday, October 25. The application process commences on Tuesday, October 9.

Anyone interested in standing as a Governor should contact the membership manager at KGH on 01536-492169.