People in East Northants being urged to re-use and recycle leftover BBQ food

People are being encouraged to thoroughly cook BBQ meat
People are being encouraged to thoroughly cook BBQ meat

People in East Northamptonshire are being encouraged to re–use and recycle their barbecue food this Bank Holiday.

According to research by Sainsburys, Britons are set to throw away £428 million worth of barbecue food this August.

It is thought that about half of all barbeque hosts over-cater and serve up a larger spread than they need to.

The most likely items to be wasted were found to be salad leaves, burger rolls, coleslaw and potato salad, amounting to an average value of £36.47.

Planning ahead can reduce this.

The amount wasted can be further reduced by (where safe) using left overs in future meals.

Vice chairman of the Northants Waste Partnership and leader of East Northamptonshire Council, Cllr Steven North, said: “Unavoidable barbeque waste like those burnt sausages, bones and peelings that occur even with the best forward planning can be collected for recycling using our weekly food waste collection.

“In the last year we have collected about 2,600 tonnes of food waste.

“This is recycled locally to produce biogas which is used to generate electricity and produce an agricultural fertiliser.

“Using our weekly food waste collection means leftover food avoids ending up in a landfill site.”

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