People get a chance to look at the plans for new centre

People say they are looking forward to plans for a new estate community centre coming to fruition.

Plans have been in the pipeline for about three years for a community centre to serve the Brambleside area of Kettering.

The latest version of the plans was shown to people at a jubilee party at Brambleside Community Primary School on Sunday, June 3. The proposed site for the community centre is between the local Tesco Express and the school.

Bill Parker, county councillor for the Brambleside ward, said the plan was to call the centre Brambleside Sports and Community Hall and the aim was to put in an outline planning application shortly.

He said: “We are pulling together a business plan now and when we have got that in place we can submit an outline planning application to Kettering Council. Hopefully that will happen later on this year.”

David Ellingworth, who is a member of the committee of Brambleside Community Association, said: “We need something because there’s nothing on this end of town.

“There’s hundreds and hundreds of houses and there’s just nothing. I will use the centre when it’s built – I can’t wait.

“The plans are good.”

Lynne Elmore, of Brambleside, said: “We have been waiting ages for it. I bet my grandkids would use it a lot.”

Elaine Sharpe, of Brambleside, said: “There’s nowhere for your children to go whatsoever around here so it would be nice.

“If anyone wanted to do a wedding, we haven’t got anything around this area for that.”