People being advised to look out for food hygiene ratings when eating out in Wellingborough

People are being encouraged to keep an eye out for food hygiene ratings when choosing where to eat out in Wellingborough.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 9th February 2016, 11:37 am
Updated Wednesday, 17th February 2016, 5:35 am
People in Wellingborough are being advised to look out for these stickers
People in Wellingborough are being advised to look out for these stickers

Green and black stickers in the window of a restaurant, pub, cafe or other food business show the food hygiene rating scheme for the premises.

It provides information about the food hygiene standards found by local authority food safety officers when they inspect food outlets to check they are meeting food hygiene law.

But not every food business chooses to put it on display so Wellingborough Council is encouraging people to not only look out for the stickers, but also to ask about it when a business is not displaying its ratings.

Amanda Wilcox, principal environmental health manager at Wellingborough Council, said: “The food hygiene rating scheme is designed to ensure transparency for customers when they are deciding where to eat.

“It also encourages food business to improve and maintain food hygiene standards.

“We usually find that food businesses with a rating of three or more will display their window sticker, while those with less than three often do not.

“We really encourage consumers to ask the question of a food business if they can’t see the window sticker on display.

“Regardless of whether businesses display their rating, they can all be found on the food hygiene rating website at”

The ratings, which range from zero to five, are designed to give customers an insight into the places they can’t see, including the kitchen, and allow them to make an informed choice about where they eat.

If a food business has a rating of zero, it means urgent improvement is necessary, one is given where major improvement is necessary and two signals that improvement is necessary.

Five is given when a premises is deemed as very good.

Many businesses which display their rating say it has made a difference by improved reputation, increased customer confidence and more customers.

Wellingborough Council is supporting the food hygiene rating campaign which encourages people, when eating out or buying food, to look for the green and black rating sticker and have peace of mind that they are making a responsible choice in keeping their family and friends safe.