People are urged to register to vote

East Northamptonshire Council is urging people in its district to register to vote.

In June, every household in the country was sent an annual voter registration of electors form.

A council spokesman said: “Reminders will be sent out at the end of July so please complete your form and return it immediately.

“Having to send out reminders costs you and the council £1.35 and if you don’t return your form you will lose your right to vote.

“The new electoral register will be published on October 16, and if your name is not included on the register you will not be able to vote until you do register. Not being registered can also affect you if you apply for a mortgage, bank loan or credit, including mobile phone contracts. The credit reference agencies use the register to check where people live.”

If there are no changes to your details, you can register by internet, text or phone.

You will need part one and part two of the unique security code or the text (sms) code which is printed on your form. Registering your form as ‘no changes’ is a quick, easy and cheap way to inform the council that all details on the form are the same. Details on how to use these services are included with your form.

If there are changes to your form, you need to make those changes on the form and return it to the council at the address given.

If the previous electors names are listed do not re-direct it, cross out their names and list the names of the people now living in the property, sign and return it in the reply paid envelope enclosed.

The council spokesman added: “You have a legal duty to return a completed registration form each year. If you don’t, the council could take you to court. Being found guilty could result in a criminal record and a fine of up to £1,000.”

For more information, visit or contact the electoral registration office at East Northamptonshire Council at or call 01832 742119.