Pensioner thanks Corby people after fall

Pensioner Margaret Napier and Wendy Eades at the scene of her fall in Corby town centre
Pensioner Margaret Napier and Wendy Eades at the scene of her fall in Corby town centre

When Margaret Napier collapsed in Corby town centre there was no shortage of people to come to her aid.

The 75-year-old, of Ravenscourt, Corby, collapsed near the bus stops in front of the Cube, suffering a cut above her eye and bruising on her shoulder and hip.

The kindness she was shown by strangers has prompted her to praise the actions of the good samaritans who helped her.

She said: “The people of Corby, I salute you. On Saturday, June 14, I collapsed while waiting for my bus to take me home. As I lay on the ground, two people came along to help me. I do not remember their names but would like to thank them.

“I would also like to thank the first aiders from the Cube. Then, off the number one bus came my guardian angel Wendy, who stayed with me all the time.

“She even went to Primark to get a pillow and blanket to cover me. The manager was very understanding and gave her the pillows and blankets free of charge.

“Wendy came with me in the ambulance to Kettering Hospital accident and emergency unit and stayed with me all the while. She then came home with me in a taxi, saw that I was reasonably settled then left her phone number saying that I should call her any time. Aren’t people grand?

“Talk about Good Samaritans, the people of Corby should be proud of themselves. I, for one, salute them.

“Later that evening my neighbour Isabel helped me to Corby minor injuries unit because my eyebrow was still bleeding and required two stitches and then came home with me. Aren’t neighbours great?”

Heat exhaustion caused Mrs Napier to collapse but she has now fully recovered and this week she met up with her “guardian angel”, Wendy Eades, 37, of Stalbridge Walk, Corby, for a cuppa and a chat.

She said: “I came to live in Corby 50 years ago from Scotland. I have great neighbours and friends and Wendy and I will definitely be keeping in touch.”

Wendy, a dinner lady who works with disabled children at Beanfield Primary School in Corby, said: “I was going shopping with my daughter and when we stepped off the number one bus we saw people gathered round a lady on the ground. I felt like someone was pushing me towards the lady and that all I needed to do was help and support this stranger who has ended up becoming a friend.

“I was brought up by my mum, who passed away six years ago from cancer, to respect people and to help them if needed.

“I am so glad I was able to help her that day and knowing that I did good for my town makes me proud.”