Pellet removed after cat was shot with gun

Charlie was shot in the Redwell Grange area of Wellingborough
Charlie was shot in the Redwell Grange area of Wellingborough

A mum is warning cat owners to be vigilant after her daughters’ much-loved pet was shot.

Charlie, who lives with Myrr and Ian Wilson and their daughters Abbey, 10, and Grace, eight, was operated on after the vet discovered that a nasty bump and sore patch near his eye was a pellet from a gun, which was embedded in his head.

Mrs Wilson, of Redhill Grange, Wellingborough, said: “Charlie is 17 months old and we got him from the Cats Protection League just over a year ago. The girls noticed a lump and sore on Charlie’s head a couple of weeks ago, so we made an appointment with the vet and they told us they thought it was a pellet.

“They operated on him and confirmed it was a pellet.

“He was obviously shot from a distance and the pellet hit his skull and stopped. If he had been shot at from closer the pellet could have gone through. The vets operated to take the pellet out as it was so near his eye and ear that if it had moved it could have been serious.

“The girls are really upset at the thought someone shot their cat. Charlie has to stay in while he is wearing his cone and until the stitches heal but they don’t want to ever let him out in case he gets shot at again. They are going to make and put up posters warning other people in the area.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said: “On February 6 we received a report that a cat had been shot with a pellet gun and officers were tasked to investigate the matter as we take this kind of incident very seriously.”