Peak effort for hospital’s funds

Steve Feeney of RS Components
Steve Feeney of RS Components
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An employee of RS Components in Corby has scaled the heights to help a charity after the best friend of his daughter was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Steve Feeney climbed Mount Triglav in Slovenia to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital, and has raised more than £1,200 so far.

He said: “Triglav is widely considered the most dangerous climb in Europe you can ascend without resorting to full mountaineering equipment.

“I just took a backpack, water and some Karrimor boots. A lot of climbers had harnesses, helmets and were roped up, but it was a just a walk - albeit with a 5,000 foot drop on either side. The ridge line was challenging; about 1.5 metres wide, so I had to keep stepping around people coming back down. But it was worth it, reaching the summit was a fantastic achievement and to raise this amount of money for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital felt great.”

Steve added: “I was delayed at the summit treating a dislocated arm so I descended on Saturday evening and walked out of the mountain range on Sunday. By Sunday evening I was on a train to Italy and flew home from Venice on Monday.

“The funny thing was, I met two RS customers climbing as well at the summit, which I didn’t expect to happen.”