Patrols to tackle off-road motorbikes at Wellingborough park

Police hope patrols will help tackle the problem of motorcycle nuisance
Police hope patrols will help tackle the problem of motorcycle nuisance

Police patrols are being carried out to tackle the problem of off-road motorbikes being driven across parkland popular with families.

Officers hope regular patrols will stop off-road motorbikes being ridden across land at the bottom of Goldsmith Road in Wellingborough.

But they are also asking people to report any issues they have with off-road bikes to help them identify those responsible.

One resident contacted the Northamptonshire Telegraph about the ongoing issue on the open space behind Glamis Hall and said: “This enjoyable environment is ruined by a group of people who insist that this is no longer just a walking route but is a route that can be driven on by motorbikes.”

He said it takes place at various times, including late at night and at the weekend.

He added: “As we live so close to this area it is very disturbing, affecting us even if we are relaxing in our back garden on a sunny Saturday.

“I do not allow my little boy of six to play in this area due to this anti-social behaviour, which is a shame as we have not been in the area very long.

“We travel away from the area to the likes of Northampton or Milton Keynes, as more care seems to have been taken with regard to law and safety within their green areas.”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said: “We are aware of problems surrounding motorbikes being driven off-road in this area and are conducting regular patrols to tackle the issue.

“We would encourage the public to help us tackle this problem by reporting any incidents to us when they happen and passing on any other information they may have about activities in this area.”

A spokesman for Wellingborough Council said any residents concerned about motorbike nuisance should report it to the police, and added: “We do work closely with the police and if a number of complaints of anti-social behaviour are received for a particular area, we can try and find a more targeted solution.”

Back in 2010, planning permission was given by Wellingborough Council for an off-road motorcycle track off Shaw Close, Park Farm, after increasing reports from residents that anti-social use of motorcycles was becoming a problem in residential areas.

When police challenged the young riders, they were repeatedly told that they only used residential areas because they had nowhere else to go.

A legal, local track, properly run and supervised, was unanimously approved by councillors.

The track is run by 90-One Education, a Northampton-based education organisation that promotes the safe use of motorcycles by young people and offers rider training.