Parties prepare for Euro ballot

The count for the East Midlands European elections will take place at Kettering Conference Centre
The count for the East Midlands European elections will take place at Kettering Conference Centre
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Candidates are gearing up for the European Parliament elections later this month.

Voters across the UK will choose 73 MEPs to represent them in the European Parliament. Northamptonshire is part of the East Midlands region, which elects five MEPs.

In a boost to the area, Kettering has been chosen ahead of other towns and cities in the East Midlands to oversee the results.

Nine parties are standing in the East Midlands, including the Conservatives, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP, who are all currently represented in the region.

There are also candidates from An Independence from Europe, the BNP, the English Democrats, the Green Party and the Harmony Party.

MEPs are elected in a proportional system, and voters do not choose individual candidates. Instead, parties nominate their candidates, with the five MEPs divided up according to the results.

It means there are a total of 41 candidates from the nine different parties who are hoping to be elected. Eight are from Northamptonshire.

In 2009, the Tories received 30 per cent of the East Midlands vote and two MEPs. Labour, on 17 per cent, UKIP, 16 per cent, and the Lib Dems, 12 per cent, each had one MEP.

The vote takes place on Thursday, May 22.

Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm.

Kettering Council’s chief executive David Cook said he was pleased the authority had been selected to collate the results for the region.

He said: “Kettering was the hub for the East Midlands in the AV referendum. We must have been seen to have done a reasonable job.

“I am very fortunate to be supported by a very capable elections team.

“It’s good for Kettering to have national and international news broadcast from our patch.”

Meanwhile, Wellingborough Council says hundreds more people have been registered to vote after a doorstep campaign by the authority.

People not registered to vote must register before Tuesday, May 6 to be able to cast a ballot.



1. Chris Pain; 2. Val Pain; 3. Alan Jesson; 4. John Beaver; 5. Carl Mason.


1. Catherine Duffy; 2. Robert West; 3. Bob Brindley; 4. Geoffrey Dickens; 5. Paul Hilliard.


1. Emma McClarkin*; 2. Andrew Lewer; 3. Rupert Matthews; 4. Stephen Castens; 5. Brendan Clarke-Smith.


1. Kevin Sills; 2. David Wickham; 3. John Dowle; 4. Oliver Healey; 5. Terry Spencer.


1. Kat Boettge; 2. Sue Mallender; 3. Richard Mallender; 4. Peter Allen; 5. Simon Hales.


1. Steve Ward.


1. Glenis Willmott*; 2. Rory Palmer; 3. Linda Woodings; 4. Khalid Hadadi; 5. Nicki Brooks.


1. Bill Newton Dunn*; 2. Issan Ghazni; 3. Phil Knowles; 4. George Smid; 5. Deborah Newton-Cook.


1. Roger Helmer*; 2. Margot Parker; 3. Jonathan Bullock; 4. Nigel Wickens; 5. Barry Mahoney.

* = sitting MEP