Parking operation on Corby estate sees 51 tickets issued

Parking patrols are to be carried out on the Oakley Vale estate this week
Parking patrols are to be carried out on the Oakley Vale estate this week

More than 50 tickets were given out by police as part of a three-day parking enforcement operation on Corby’s Oakley Vale estate.

PC Brad Wilson was responding to requests from residents on the estate and went out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night to issue tickets to motorists found parking illegally or inconsiderately opposite junctions or within 10 metres of a junction.

Following the first night of the operation, PC Wilson had issued 20 fixed penalty notices for inappropriate or illegal parking in the Oakley Vale area.

By the end of the operation, a total of 51 tickets had been given out.

A police spokesman said: “51 tickets in total have been issued for inconsiderate and illegal parking near junctions.

“While people may think the operation is over, we will be carrying on with routine patrols and keeping an eye on the area.”

The operation was organised following concerns raised by local residents.

While the officer was out on the estate last week, he had to field a selection of routine questions from those he was ticketing.

Some of the questions he was faced with during the operation were:

Q. Can’t I just have a warning?

A. No, you were parked illegally. We have previously patrolled the area and given out words of advice and/or warning notices, which have been ignored

Q. I live here, the car is outside my address

A. The vehicle is still parked illegally. Just because you live at the address that doesn’t give you the right to block the footpath which services other addresses, and not just yours

Q. I always park here/I always park like this – why now?

A. Because we are enforcing parking regulations at the request of local residents to tackle their concerns around parking. We have tried warning people but no notice has been taken

Q. I believe that there is sufficient room for wheelchair access or a pram to get past my vehicle on the footpath

A. You are entitled to your opinion sir/madam. If you wish to contest the ticket, you may opt to go to court and let them make the final decision but it is our opinion that the footpath is blocked

Q. Have you got nothing better to do?

A. No, we are responding to concerns of local residents and members of the community, and attempting to keep the roads safe and prevent accidents

Q. That’s another £30 in the pocket of the Police then

A. Northamptonshire Police does not receive any of the monies paid in relation to fines from parking tickets. This money goes to the Treasury

Q. Why have you given my car a ticket but not the person who parked here previously?

A. If you see another vehicle causing an obstruction that you want to report to police, then we will attend and deal with that vehicle accordingly