Park Safe Be Safe - Parents fined for illegally parking

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New solutions aimed at tackling parking problems at schools in Wellingborough have been welcomed.

Wellingborough Police have been involved in a campaign to tackle inconsiderate and illegal parking around Oakway infants and junior schools and Sir Christopher Hatton School.

No-waiting cones have been used along Oakway, Plumtree Avenue and Cherry Avenue during a recent three-week operation to prevent parents stopping there.

Seven £30 fixed penalty tickets were issued by police to parents who parked in the no-waiting zones, and more than 30 parents were given advice by officers about their parking.

Cones have also now been placed around The Pyghtle to keep school bus stops clear for Sir Christopher Hatton pupils.

PCSO Joanne Kelland and PC Phil Beckett from Wellingborough Town SCT worked on the project.

PCSO Kelland said: “There has been a continual problem in this area with motorists not observing road safety and regulations. The cones put out at the Oakway schools have encouraged parents to park further away from the school and a lot more parents are now walking. The aim of this type of operation is to reinforce these safety issues and we will continue to monitor the situation on a regular basis.”

David Pinnock, whose grandchild attends Sir Christopher Hatton School, said: “The cones will improve the situation, as long as parents take notice of them.”

Funding for the cones came from Wellingborough mayor Bob Patel’s local empowerment fund.