Parish councils will have to raise tax in wake of grant cut

Town and parish councils in the Kettering Council area will have to raise their own precepts to pay for services after learning that their grants are being taken away in 2014.

While parishes in most areas of the country raise their own council tax, Kettering Council has traditionally instead given them a grant.

However, at a meeting in early December the borough council said it was removing the grant.

The decision, which affects 25 parishes and town councils has angered some residents.

Rothwell resident Lloyd Baines-Davies said he was annoyed that he would now have to pay an additional tax to Rothwell Town Council.

He added: “Only three councillors on Kettering Council’s executive were allowed to vote on this because all the rest had to declare an interest as they were also parish councillors. The precept will be a separate tax we will have to pay.”

A spokesman for Kettering Council said: “The current arrangements are not sustainable and parish councils – in common with those everywhere else in the county – ought to be accountable to the communities they serve.”