Parents urged to park safely near schools

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Children went back to school this week which meant a return for the Telegraph’s campaign aimed at tackling illegal parking at school gates.

We were at Park Junior School, in Great Park Street, Wellingborough, on Wednesday morning where some parents are continuing to park on yellow lines outside the school gates at peak drop-off and pick-up times.

Park Road Junior School in Wellingborough

Park Road Junior School in Wellingborough

Our photographer spotted a number of cars parking illegally while dropping children off for their first days back at school.

Headteacher David Tebbut said: “We always encourage parents to park responsibly. Children’s safety is of paramount importance to us.

“We are in a built-up area and we do encourage parents to walk to school and to park and walk to school at key times of the day.”

Emma Anderson was walking her daughter to school when she spoke to our reporter.

She said: “I always try to walk, but so many people park outside the school. Even though the school has tried its best, some parents still take no notice.

“It’s dangerous because the cars come right onto the kerb and there have been a couple of times when I’ve had to pull my daughter away.

“The worst time is at 3.30pm during pick-up time – cars are always parked up the street.”

Jenine Chandler, who was walking her daughter to school, said: “I think it has got quite bad outside the school.

“It can be quite scary as a pedestrian when you’re trying to cross the road. I think there should be an exclusion zone in the street. There are so many surrounding roads that people can park on, but some people just have to park right outside the school.”

Bharat Gajjar, who has one son at the school, said: “Some parents park right outside the school when they are late and that can be quite bad with the children around.

“But I think all schools and hospitals should have drop-off and pick-up points, so I think the school should have one to help the parents.”

The Telegraph’s Park Safe, Be Safe campaign is aimed at tackling illegal parking at schools. If you know of a problem, call our newsdesk on 01536 506153 or email