Parents urged to cut back on sugar in children’s diet

Parents are being urged to cut the amount of sugar their children eat after it was revealed that more than 30 per cent of children in the last year at primary school in Northamptonshire are overweight or obese.

Public Health England has launched a Change4Life campaign to encourage parents to make simple sugar swaps.

Eating and drinking too much sugar means extra calories, which causes fat to build up inside the body. This can lead to heart disease, some cancers or type 2 diabetes later in life.

Sugar can also have an impact on dental health. Tooth decay was the most common reason for hospital admissions for children aged five to nine in 2012-13.

In Northamptonshire, 21.4 per cent of children start school either overweight or obese. This becomes 30.8 per cent for those in their last year of primary school.

Change4Life recommends four sugar swaps – swapping sugary cereal for plain cereal; swapping sugary drinks for sugar-free or no-added sugar drinks; swapping muffins for fruited teacake and swapping ice-cream for low-fat, lower-sugar yogurt.