Parents say thanks for Skylar help

Skylar Ann Foster with parents Kimmi and Peter
Skylar Ann Foster with parents Kimmi and Peter
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The parents of a baby born with flat head syndrome have thanked people who helped pay for a helmet which will allow her head to re-form.

Skylar Ann Foster, of Kettering, was born with the condition and initially told it would grow out.

But when she was taken for her eight-month check-up in December she was referred to a specialist, who said a helmet would help correct the problem but that it was not available on the NHS.

Mum Kimmi said there was an amazing and instant response to the appeal when she launched it online.

She said: “Within six hours we had raised £450.”

Dozens of people pledged their support, and Kimmi added: “Some of them were complete strangers, and a friend of a friend donated £50.

“What we did as well was contact the Tree of Hope charity and asked if they were able to help.” The charity then told the family it would cover the remaining £1,500.

She said: “Thank you to the people who donated and shared the Facebook page.”

Dad Peter added: “So many people are willing to help. We weren’t expecting it to be as quick as it was.”

Skylar has to wear the helmet for 23 hours a day for the next four to six months. She only has it taken off when she has a wash.