Parents launch appeal to help them care for disabled children

Mia and Cory Blakey-Tew, who suffer from a rare genetic condition NNL-140304-133510001
Mia and Cory Blakey-Tew, who suffer from a rare genetic condition NNL-140304-133510001

A super-mum and dad who provide 24-hour care for their two severely disabled children are trying to raise more than £6,000 to make vital adaptations to their home.

Devoted parents Leanne and Dean Blakey-Tew of Corby care full-time for four-year-old Mia and Cory, two, who suffer from the incredibly rare condition RARS two mutation mitochondrial epilepsy PCH type six.

Although not much is known about the condition as it is so rare, it means the children have regular seizures, are unable to hold their heads, sit, crawl, bear weight or walk.

Both are also registered blind.

As the children are growing, it is becoming increasingly difficult for former prison officer Leanne and Dean to transport their children around the house.

They have applied for a grant to make major adaptations to their home including a lift, a wet room and wheelchair ramp.

Cory still shares a room with his parents and they are keen for him to have his own space.

Within a few hours of Leanne posting an appeal on Facebook, kind-hearted locals had already donated £1,000 to the cause.

Leanne said: “They are both severely disabled, non verbal, doubly incontinent, unable to walk or even bear weight through their limbs, they rely on us for their round-the-clock care.

“We are currently going through the process of gaining a council grant to adapt our house to make it suitable and accessible for Mia and Cory.

“At four and two they are becoming heavier by the day and transporting them up and down the stairs and generally around the house is becoming quite dangerous.

“The adaptations will give us a through-the-floor lift to access their bedrooms, hoisting throughout the top floor to allow us to safely transport them from bed to chairs or shower trolley, a wet room and a bedroom for each of the kids.

“It will make our lives so much simpler, easier and safer.

“We currently have to carry the children everywhere even in and out of our wheelchair-accessible van as there are steps into the property.

“This will also be resolved with a ramp and a widened entrance to accommodate the kids wheelchairs directly out of the van straight into our home.”

If you can help by donating, or organising a sponsored event to help the Blakey-Tews, please visit the children’s Facebook page or the donation website.