Owners neglecting more horses

IRRESPONSIBLE horse owners and breeders are putting the RSPCA under pressure by neglecting their animals.

Over the last year, 30 neglected horses have been picked up by the charity in the Northamptonshire and Leicestershire areas.

In the first two months of this year across the east midlands region, the number of complaints received about abandoned horses was already at 122, compared to 120 for the whole of January and February last year, and there are currently 68 horses in boarding in the east region.

RSPCA chief inspector Cathy Hyde said: “People who have made a living from breeding and selling horses are failing to acknowledge that the animals’ value has dropped and they keep breeding although they have nowhere to keep the horses and have not accounted for the high prices of hay, straw and feed. This situation has got to stop. We have seen some ponies sold at markets for as little as £5 and the horses change hands on multiple occasions at numerous markets and sales.”