Owners fined over building

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Residents say they are pleased the owners of a derelict building have been fined after failing to improve its appearance.

The owners of the building, a former factory at 15 Great Park Street, Wellingborough, were prosecuted by Wellingborough Council after ignoring an official notice requesting they improve the building’s appearance.

Owners Sarath Abeysundera and Yakoob Dassu were given an extensive list of repairs which were considered necessary, including removing shrubs, vegetation and ivy from the walls, repairing the brickwork and replacing all the broken and missing glass window panes.

Niki Goodman, 38, of Great Park Street, said: “I think what the council has done is brilliant. There are so many derelict places around and something needs to be done with them. Everyone wants to live in a nicer area.”

Lesley Bailey, of Great Park Street, said: “They want to do something with it, it’s an eyesore – it wants pulling down and turning into flats or something.”

The council contacted the two owners in April 2010 and again in August that year, advising them of its concerns about the state of the building. An email exchange took place over the next couple of months and the owners suggested they would be converting the building into flats.

But as they made no firm commitment to do this and no action was taken towards achieving the conversion, the council decided to issue an official notice demanding improvements be carried out.

When Mr Abeysundera and Mr Dassu failed to start work within three months of the notice being issued they were prosecuted.

The men pleaded guilty at Wellingborough Magistrates Court last week and were each fined £300 with £100 costs.