Owner says new shop opening in Wellingborough will be ‘one of a kind’

Lunar Tree is opening in Wellingborough tomorrow
Lunar Tree is opening in Wellingborough tomorrow

A new shop selling ethically sourced gifts is opening in Wellingborough this weekend.

Lunar Tree will be opening its doors to customers in Cambridge Street tomorrow (Saturday).

It will be selling a range of ethical and responsibly sourced gifts, including crystals, candles, incense, bath bombs, soaps, clothing, jewellery and ornaments.

Amie from Lunar Tree said: “I actually had Creepy Crawlies in the same building for nine years so I needed a new challenge, I needed something fresh and something new.

“I will be selling lots of nice things.

“I am going to stock a good range of incense, nice candles, wooden ornaments, gem stones and crystals, bath bombs and soaps.

“The idea is it’s all the things I like but struggle to buy in Wellingborough.

“All the products will be ethically sourced.

“It will be one of a kind, there’s nothing like it in the town centre.

“It will bring a bit of diversity.”

Amie is really looking forward to opening the new shop, and she added: “I think Wellingborough has got a huge amount of potential and there are some really lovely independent shops that go under the radar, especially in Cambridge Street.

“I can’t wait to open, I am so excited.

“I will be offering 10 per cent off on all products on opening day and giving out cakes on the day.”

The shop opens at 10am in Cambridge Street and the 10 per cent discount will be on offer throughout the day.

For more details about the new shop, search for Lunar Tree on Facebook.