Owner fined after dog runs amok at Stanwick Lakes

Stanwick Lakes
Stanwick Lakes

A runaway dog caused havoc and left its owner with a £75 fine after breaking the rules at Stanwick Lakes.

The dog took off, having spotted a Muntjac deer, and the owner was unable to control it as it was not on a lead.

The owner then spent an hour searching alone, a further hour-and-a-half looking with a park ranger, for the dog before it was found.

The owner was issued with a £75 fine for breaching the dogs on leads policy at the lakes.

East Northamptonshire Council owns Stanwick Lakes. Its leader Steven North said: “Walking your dog is great fun as well as great exercise but this turned into a stressful and expensive stroll.

“We would much rather see the rangers able to use their time more productively around the lakes and we would rather dog walkers followed the rules on keeping dogs on leads.”

Stanwick Lakes is managed by Rockingham Forest Trust, which also manages Twywell Hills and Dales where similar problems with dogs off leads have been experienced.

Senior ranger Luke Johns said: “We want everyone to be able to enjoy the parks but situations such as this can spoil a lovely time for people and animals.

“Our dogs on leads policy is important for protecting the nature reserve’s wildlife.

“Birds around lakes margins, in particular, are very vulnerable to disturbance, and loose dogs are the main culprits.

“They are also intimidating to small children.

“Please keep your dog on a lead so everyone can have a stress-free time at the lakes.”