Outdoor gym set to open in Desborough park

An outdoor gym was opened in Rockingham Road Pleasure Park, Kettering, in 2013
An outdoor gym was opened in Rockingham Road Pleasure Park, Kettering, in 2013

A £20,000 makeover project for Desborough’s Dunkirk Avenue recreation ground will see an outdoor gym opened next week.

Workmen are currently installing the equipment at the park area thanks to a £19,000 grant from WREN, a not-for-profit business which awards community grants.

A spokesman for Kettering Council said the equipment should be available to use early next week.

The project arose in response to a community consultation about new facilities within the park.

James Mckechnie, Desborough Town Council clerk, said: “Outdoor gyms are now being installed throughought the borough and this new free to use gym in Desborough is the fourth, and is by far the largest, comprising of 16 items of fitness equipment.

“It is aimed at both ends of the ability spectrum from those wanting to improve the health and wll being to those who want to be even fitter.”

Free to use outdoor gyms have proved popular in other parts of the UK and are an important tool in the battle against long-term conditions such as obesity, chronic diseases and diabetes.

The project was supported by Kettering Council which provided guidance and also a support grant of £2,000.

Cllr Allan Matthews said: “The bid to create the outdoor gym was driven by a local consultation that showed major support for the scheme.

“This new facility will be a major boost in providing an excllent communal facility for all ages and abilities.

“We hope that local people will really enjoy it this summer.

“We would also like to express our great thanks to Kettering Council for all their work and support in helping make the project a reality.”

Peter Cox, managing director of WREN, said: “WREN is committed to funding projects that make a real difference to local communities, children and families.

“The Pleasure park project will provide a fantastic space for local people to get outdoors, get fit and have some fun. We’re delighted to support Kettering Council to make this happen and look forward to the completion of the project later this year.”