Oundle woman talks of ‘constant struggle’ with illnesses

Alison Ballott.
Alison Ballott.

An Oundle woman whose illnesses forced her to surrender her driving licence has spoken of her ‘constant struggle’.

Alison Ballott, 50, takes 13 tablets a day to manage her epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

She said: “Since my diagnosis of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, then a later diagnosis of epilepsy, my life has changed drastically.

“The constant pain and tiredness does affect my day to day living but with the epilepsy I have had to also surrender my driving licence.

“It is bad enough to have these illnesses but to lose the freedom of driving is dreadful.”

Alison’s inability to drive has meant she’s had to rely on others to pick up her ‘cocktail of tablets’.

She said: “I’ve had to rely on other people for lifts to my doctor’s surgery 10 miles away to pick up my prescriptions.

“My neighbours and friends have had to take me to the nearest pharmacy which is some miles away.

“I take a cocktail of tablets at different times each day which is terribly confusing, despite using a dosset box, and I was always forgetting what to take and when.”

Alison now uses PillTime, a free online NHS registered pharmacy that delivers her medication by tracked postal service.

She says it has made life much easier and improved her health as she is now taking her medication as she should be.