Oundle School’s support for future Special Olympians

The Peterborough Special Olympic Swimming Team
The Peterborough Special Olympic Swimming Team

Pupils from Oundle School are to swim the equivalent of The English Channel to raise money for charity.

The Peterborough Special Olympic Swimming Team will benefit from the Oundle School 24 hour non-stop charity swim.

William Roberts

William Roberts

The team, all of who have a learning difficulty and some of who have a physical disability, includes William Roberts (15), whose parents both live and work at the school.

William started swimming lessons with the Oundle Otters, based at Oundle School’s swimming pool, when he was four years old and now swims for the Special Olympic team with 24 others.

Members of the Special Olympic team will swim alongside the Oundle pupils for the first half hour providing an opportunity for them to thank the pupils who are raising money for them.

The club is saving up to buy an Infinity Start System with auditory and visual start signals to help with competition training, especially for new team members.

Charity swim organiser and pupil, Alice Poulter,18, said, “We chose to raise funds for this amazing charity because it is very close to the hearts of the swimming coaches at Oundle who have taught William from a very young age.”

William’s Mum, Joh added, “William has Downs Syndrome and needed a little extra help to get him started. Julie Clipstone, Teresa Black and all of the staff at Oundle Otters provided fantastic support and encouragement, but in particular Carine Barron, and Adie Black, who literally taught him hand over hand how to swim.”

The swim is due to take place from Saturday, February 28, to Sunday, March 1, with eight pupils swimming in relays throughout the day and night.

In January, Waitrose in Oundle accepted the team as one of their ‘Community Matters’ charities and the Peterborough Special Olympic Team would like to thank all those in the Oundle and District community, who put in their green tokens on their behalf.

Oundle Otters swimming lessons for children are held every Monday and Friday after School and Saturday mornings.

The 43.5 metre pool is open to the public through an annual membership for other lessons and activities all year round.

Full details can be found at www.oundleschoolenterprises.org.uk or contact 01832 277208.