Oundle School ranked among the top independent schools for GCSE results

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A table showing the top 100 UK independent schools ranked by their performance in 2012 GCSE exam results, places Oundle School in 32nd position.

It is based on data provided by the Independent Schools Council.

Schools are ranked by the proportion of exam entries awarded A or A*. Where two schools have the same percentage score, ties are broken by the average GCSE points score achieved per candidate.

Oundle School entered 194 exam candidates with 84.99 per cent of exam entries awarded grades A or A* and 99.18 per cent of exam entries awarded grades A* to C.

The top ranked independent school was Wycombe Abbey School, High Wycombe,

Many independent schools now sit IGCSEs in some subjects. The ISC does not differentiate between these and GCSEs, so all are included in the table.

Many GCSEs are becoming “insufficiently rigorous”, a leading headmistress has claimed.

A “major re-think” of the qualification’s content and structure is needed, according to Bernice McCabe, of the North London Collegiate School.

She suggested that the exams have become too accessible, with too many modules and structured questions.

North London Collegiate, an independent school catering to girls aged four to 18, came second in the new league table.

Mrs McCabe said that the school’s success is down to a “rich academic life” and focusing on a love of subjects and not teaching to the test.

“There are book clubs, science and maths clubs, philosophy and history societies, and it really gets the girls enthused,” she said.

Speaking to the Telegraph following the GCSE exam results, Oundle School headmaster, Charles Bush, said: “These results are outstanding and represent tremendous achievement across the whole curriculum. I am particularly pleased that well over half the grades awarded were at A*. This cohort of pupils worked extremely hard and fully deserve these record-breaking results. Coupled with the excellent performance of Oundle’s A-Level candidates, these results confirm Oundle’s position as an academic leader within the independent educational sector.”