Oundle School Gets Guinness Record

Oundle School Frisbee World Record Attempt
Oundle School Frisbee World Record Attempt

A county school has officially received confirmation of beating a previous Guinness World Record.

Eighty two staff and pupils at Oundle School took part in an ultimate flying disc exhibition match on Sunday, June 9. This allowed the school to beat the previous record set at seventy players in an Ultimate Frisbee match and it can now boast the formal title of the ‘most players in an ultimate flying exhibition match’.

Event organiser and Sports Fellow, Sam Grace said: “After setting up an Ultimate Frisbee Club at the School this year, I was approached by Fifth former, Morgan Ball (16) about attempting to break the record.

“I am hoping the record achievement will raise the profile of Ultimate Frisbee in schools – it’s a fast-paced, dynamic sport which is growing in popularity all over the world. Furthermore, it’s a very exciting

event to be involved with and a great opportunity to raise money for a worthwhile charity.”