Optician saves son’s sight following eye test discovery

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A Wellingborough optician saved his own son’s vision by spotting a potentially dangerous hole in his eye during a demonstration eye examination.

Bob Halsey, owner of Halsey Opticians, in Sheep Street, was using a machine called an Optomap, which is the latest in eye health technology, as it can take an image of the whole eye.

He noticed a suspicious hole in his son, Alex’s eye in the retina. Alex has just returned from South Africa, where he was volunteering as a vet near to Mandela’s home town.

Bob immediately referred Alex to Northampton General Hospital.

“Being a vet, Alex knows how important his sight is to his work,” said Bob.

“Without the Optomap at our practice, we would never have discovered this, which could have led to a detached retina.

“A conventional eye test wouldn’t have spotted the hole, as it was in the periphery of the retina, which can’t be seen without a more in-depth examination.”

At hospital, the specialist used the Optomap image to locate the tear and Alex underwent laser surgery to repair the hole in his eye. The surgery should prevent any further problems.

Bob added: “We’re hopeful that the surgery has been successful and will continue to monitor Alex’s eye health with our Optomap.”

While eye exams generally include a look at a small area of the back of the eye to check health and prescription changes, a thorough screening of the retina is vital to check the eye’s health.

An Optomap eye exam uses a laser to scan the retina and take digital images.

All patients at Halsey Opticians in Wellingborough are now being offered an Optomap scan as part of the advanced eye test.

Halsey Opticians is run by husband and wife team, Bob and Daryl Halsey, who between them have over 50 years’ experience in optics.

For more information about Halsey Opticians, visit www.halsey-opticians.co.uk