Would-be PCCs meet future serfs/colleagues*

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Today sees the very last meeting of the Northamptonshire Police Authority whose chairman Deirdre Newham (along with the chief constable and several ACPO-ranked officers) spent Monday at Wootton Hall briefing the hopefuls who want to become the new police and crime commissioners.

It was a full-on 9-5, breaking only for a buffet lunch and all passed off peacefully even if one of the candidates did slip off ahead of the afternoon session.

We can only guess as to what the Plod bigwigs thought about, say, Adam Simmonds’ striking new campaign car and Jim MacARTHUR’s picture scrapbook from the UKIP conference (posing for snaps with Christine Hamilton among others).

Speaking of Jim, has he become a little too preoccupied with the coverage given to indy candidate John Norrie’s fencing skills or is he worried we have ignored his not inconsiderable (champion) talent for aikido? *Delete as appropriate.