What do you love (or even like) about yourself?

What do you love most about yourself - a question not often asked in job interviews
What do you love most about yourself - a question not often asked in job interviews

A friend sitting on an interview panel was asked to contribute a question.

All the usual ones had been asked relating to the applicants and the job they were applying for.

This was unusual, to say the least, but probably the most relevant – “Tell me, what do you love most about yourself?”

Now that has set you thinking.

Many of us would say there is nothing that I love, a few would joke and perhaps say their innate charm and good looks and some, if brave enough, might ask what the point of the question is.

And that is where the answer lies.

If we do not recognise good in ourselves how are we going to recognize it in others?

If we are critical and condemning about ourselves then we are likely to see the worst in others.

We all need affirmation.

The good in us needs affirming; it will drive us on to do even better.

If we begin to understand ourselves we will begin to understand others.

Yes, we need criticism but it should be positive, always starting with the good.

So if you don’t like what I write tell me first something that you do like, even if it is only my spelling.

And don’t criticise just for the sake of it, tell me how I might improve what I have done.

That way I will learn, it is so easy to be destructive.

So what do you love about yourself.

If you are struggling with the word love, substitute it with the word like and if you cannot think of anything you have a problem and so does the world.

If we run ourselves down all the time, the world becomes a sad place.

When we can celebrate our lives and the lives of others, our world becomes richer, less pessimistic and more hopeful.

If we believe in ourselves then we will believe in others.

If we love ourselves then we will begin to love others and what a difference that would make.