Time we had a better train service

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Have you ever seen the John Cleese movie Clockwise?

It’s hilarious and has two brilliant co-stars in Penelope Wilton and Alison Stedman.

It came out in the mid-1980s and features the former Python as a headmaster trying – haplessly – to get to a headmasters’ conference in the nick of time.

If you haven’t seen it, watch it and next time you find yourself running for something like a train, you’ll appreciate what the moustached maestro is going through.

I had one of those moments on Bank Holiday Monday.

Ironically, earlier in the day we’d paid a visit to the London Transport Museum and I had every intention of writing a column about how proud it made me feel to be British and that our public transport is the best in the world.

That was until we tried to come home.

We saw a play in London on Monday night – it was one that finished at around 10.30pm which, in all honesty, isn’t overly late for a big production in the capital.

It was, however, after A Midsummer Night’s Dream had finished that the – ahem – “bottom” fell out of our day (cheeky Shakespeare reference there, Bard fans)!

I know Kettering isn’t a bustling city and isn’t famed for its late-night activity but the fact that the last train back here on a Bank Holiday Monday is so early is a bit silly.

We left the theatre, got the tube and then arrived at St Pancras to find that our options were limited to either finding a hotel or getting a taxi home.

We chose the latter and, suffice to say, there’ll be no treats in our shopping basket this month to make up for it!

I went to see a play in Leicester a couple of weeks ago and had to drive because the last train home was before the show finished.

Crazy! In the words of the Pythons, I think it’s time for something completely different.