Time for my Cosimo to drive away

Finding a receipt for a pint of milk brought back memories for Michelle
Finding a receipt for a pint of milk brought back memories for Michelle

Regular readers of my column will know that when my granda stopped driving, I inherited his car and called it Cosimo, after him.

For the past 10 years I have driven Cosimo around town but just after Christmas he broke down and although he eventually got better, I realised that my confidence in him had sadly gone.

For the past six months Cosimo has sat on my driveway as something of an ornament, but my hubby eventually persuaded me that he needed to fulfil his potential of actually leaving the street once in a while, so I decided to sell him.

It was a hard decision and not one I came to easily as, since I inherited him, my granda passed away and so I’ve always thought that I need to keep the car to have something of my grandparents close by.

I know that my granda would be the first to tell me to sell if I wasn’t comfortable so, after much thinking, the day came when Cosimo was to be visited by a potential new owner.

Not being much of a car-cleaner, I decided that now was the time to clear him out, and as I sat on the floor, hoovering the carpets, my eye caught a piece of paper tucked down the side of the chair.

Closer inspection revealed that it was a receipt for a pint of milk, which had been there since my granda owned the car in 2000. I couldn’t believe it!

The person came to view my car and decided that Cosimo was ideal, so off he went, leaving me feeling sad to see him go, but also happy that he was going to a good home.

As I watched my Cosimo drive off down the street, I couldn’t help but wonder – was the receipt a sign from my granda that he’d always be here for me, or did it just mean that I really should have cleaned my car out more often?

Maybe a little bit of both...